Postdoc Efficient Light Transport in Complex Environments

Faculteit/afdeling: Faculty Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Niveau: Gepromoveerd
Functie-omvang: 38-40 uur per week
Contractduur: 1 year
Salaris: 3389 - 4274 euro per maand (volledige dagtaak)
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Faculty Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science

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Functie omschrijving

Controlling light in an environment is a difficult task, since many aspects such as materials, light sources, and geometry have to be considered. Thus, achieving a particular light distribution is not trivial, but necessary in many contexts (architecture, greenhouses,…).

The candidate will be embedded in a group with several PhD students and postdocs active in the area of rendering and the project itself is linked to a multi-disciplinary consortium with the goal of developing efficient lighting computations for green-house environments. The main objective of our work is to produce novel, interactive solutions for high-performance light transport computations. We will investigate practical aspects, such as efficient ray-tracing solutions, with a controllable tradeoff between accuracy and performance. To this extent, we will address the problem from various angles. First, we opt for new hierarchical approaches and alternative representations for visibility and transport queries. We recently presented compact and compressed scene representations and intend to adapt their use to light transport. Here, we will also focus on alternative representations of material properties, which are a key ingredient for an efficient and accurate multi-scale light transport. Secondly, we intend to explore efficient use of multi-core environments and progressive rendering solutions. The candidate will have access to a dedicated multi-GPU compute cluster environment. Third, we want to build upon recent signal reconstruction techniques to minimize the computational cost of the overall process.

Functie eisen

We are looking for a candidate who meets the following requirements:

•              You are a talented and enthusiastic researcher.

•              You have a PhD in the domain of the position and/or strong experience in one of the related fields (computer graphics, visualization, geometry processing, and human machine interaction)

•              You are an excellent scientist with a strong publication record

•              You are familiar with C++, OpenGL, and GPU programming

•              You have good communication skills

•              You are a good teamplayer and able/willing to supervise bachelor, PhD, and Master students related to this project.

•              You have good command of the English language (knowledge of Dutch is not required).



TU Delft offers a customisable compensation package, a discount for health insurance and sport memberships, and a monthly work costs contribution. Flexible work schedules can be arranged. An International Children’s Centre offers childcare and an international primary school. Dual Career Services offers support to accompanying partners. Salary and benefits are in accordance with the Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch Universities.

Informeren en solliciteren

For information about this vacancy, you can contact prof.dr. Elmar Eisemann, Head of the Computer Graphics and Visulation group, email:

For information about the selection procedure, please contact Karin Reijenga, HR-Adviser, email:

To apply, please e-mail: a motivation Letter, detailed CV, diploma (and potential score sheets) for Master/PhD, selection of 3 articles and contact details of 2 references before September 30, 2019. When applying for this position please refer to vacancy number EWI2019-29.


Acquisitie naar aanleiding van deze vacature wordt niet op prijs gesteld.


Faculty Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
38-40 uur per week
1 year
3389 - 4274 euro per maand (volledige dagtaak)

30 september 2019


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